Gum Grafting Kansas City

Treating Gum Recession in Mission KS

When recession of the gingiva occurs, the body loses a natural defense against both bacterial penetration and trauma. When gum recession is a problem, gum reconstruction using grafting techniques is an option. This often happens due to over brushing, especially without an electric tooth brush.

When there is only minor recession, some healthy gingiva often remains and protects the tooth, so that no treatment other than modifying home care practices is necessary. However, when recession goes further where the future of the tooth is in question, we need to act before it’s too late.

Often gum recession is treated on the front teeth for cosmetic reasons to give a more natural, perfect smile.

In addition, gum recession often results in root sensitivity to hot and cold foods as well as an unsightly appearance of the gum and tooth. When significant, gum recession can predispose to worsening recession and expose the root surface, which is softer than enamel, leading to root cavities.

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A gingival graft is designed to solve these problems. Previously, a thin piece of tissue was taken from the roof of the mouth. This was painful and opened the possibility of infection. Dr. Bill and Dr. Jonathan both have trained to do a more advanced procedure that uses an allograft which eliminates the need to harvest the tissue from you, the patient! This greatly reduces the amount of post operative pain, while still keeping an extremely high success rate.

The gingival graft procedure is highly predictable and results in a stable, healthy band of attached tissue around the tooth.