GLO Whitening

GLO Whitening offers both an in-office experience plus a take-home kit to whiten your teeth.

With the in-office experience, you can expect a 2 hour appointment.  Our team member will apply the barrier cream to your gums to ensure there is no burning from the whitening product.  Next you will use the GLO Whitening Light and mouthpiece to apply LED light and gentle heat to the whitening product.  This is where the magic happens.  The treatment last for 8 minutes and will be repeated 4 times.

On average patients experience shades 4-8 whiter with one in-office treatment.

Part of the GLO magic is that the product offers a great whitening product with less tooth sensitivity.

The professional GLO products offer a higher concentration of whitening product that is not available at retail stores with the expertise of our team to help ensure proper usage.

The at-home GLO kit is great for those on the go! You can complete a treatment in less than 1 hour to maintain your beautiful, white smile at home!

For more information on GLO check out their website!
GLO Dual Whitening infographic