Our Guarantee

We strive to always provide top quality care and we stand behind our work. With the understanding that sometimes life happens, and things don’t last as expected, we will default to the following schedule when it comes to guaranteeing our work. Should the work completed at Keith and Associates Dentistry be at the fault of the product or execution the following will apply:


  • Year 1 – 100% Discount
  • Year 2 – 50% Discount
  • Year 3+ – 0% Discount


  • Years 1-3 – 100% Discount
  • Years 4-5 – 50% Discount
  • Years 6+ – 0% Discount

Re-Cement Crown:

  • Years 1-2 – 100% Discount
  • Year 3+ – 0% Discount

In order to meet the qualifications of the warranty program, you must be current on your preventative cleanings to help minimize risk of new decay. The warranty work must be completed by the dentist who completed the work the first time. If your dentist is no longer here, you will be assigned a dentist based on first availability.

As always, we will attempt to work with your insurance carrier to cover the costs of the new procedure. Different plans include different frequency restrictions and sometimes the work needed will not comply with those restrictions. Please refer to your insurance plan’s policies for more information on frequency limitations.

Please call our office at Keith + Associates Dentistry Phone Number 913-384-0044 for questions regarding our warranty.