What to Look for in a Dental Care Team

No matter who you are, taking care of your teeth is a team effort. Your part involves brushing twice a day, flossing regularly, using mouthwash and regular dental visits to keep your mouth clean and cavity-free. But it’s not just you on the team. You also have a dedicated group of experts devoted to ensuring that you have the healthiest smile possible.

Think about your last visit to the dentist. Who did you interact with? When you arrive for your appointment, you don’t just see one person, but many dedicated professionals who work together to give you the best care possible. The receptionist greets you and schedules your follow-up appointment. The hygienists take x-rays, dental impressions, as well as cleans, polishes, and applies fluoride to your teeth. Finally, the dentist examines and diagnoses your oral conditions, recommends and carries out treatments, and performs emergency procedures when needed. Each of these high-quality professionals plays an essential role in your dental health.

The Keith + Associates Team Approach

Just like your family doctor, dentists must stay knowledgeable on all aspects of oral health. In a typical dentist’s office, they see many patients, each with unique challenges to solve. For some cases, just as your doctor would refer you to a specialist, general dentists need to refer you to another practice for a deeper level of care.

That’s why the dentists at keith + associates dentistry advocate for a collaborative approach with our very own care team. Each day, our team of dentists work together to review every appointment, profile, and procedure to learn about each of our patient’s needs and concerns. This approach allows our dentists to share their knowledge and collaborate to direct your care appropriately.

The Dental Care Team

Regardless of your dental needs, our dental care team has you covered. Friendly, focused, efficient, and effective, we have dentists who are knowledgeable about periodontal disease, dental implants, family dentistry, restorative surgery, and cosmetic dentistry like veneers. From Invisalign to same-day crowns and All-On-4 Implants, there’s no oral need our expert team of smile advocates can’t find a solution for.

We believe that each oral health concern requires the right skills, expertise, and tools for the job. So, rest assured that each dentist that works with you on your oral health goals is the most knowledgeable person to guide you. As your goals or reasons for visiting change, you may see a different dentist to whose skills and experience better match your procedure.

With our collaborative approach and our wide range of focuses, we’re able to give you the personalized care you need—no one-size-fits-all or cookie-cutter solutions.


When discussing the health of your mouth and body, we’re all in this together. The keith + associates care team is ready to answer your questions and offer their expertise to provide a level of care that few can match. If you have questions you’d like to pose to your care team, please contact us to schedule your consultation online or call us 913-384-0044.