Neocis Yomi Robotic Dentistry

Your mouth contains some of the most delicate bones and organs in your body. Some oral conditions, like severe tooth decay and missing teeth, require implants and surgery to restore your dental health in this sensitive area. Dental surgeons are professionally trained to operate effectively and efficiently, but the possibility of human error cannot be eliminated completely. Surgical guides can prepare surgeons for implant procedures beforehand, but unexpected obstacles during the procedure can disrupt a pre-planned operation, forcing surgeons to make decisions abruptly.

Yomi Robotic Dentistry, created by Neocis, is the only FDA-approved robotic technology for dental implant surgery. It can assist surgeons in single tooth implants, dual-arch surgery, and full-arch surgery, which are forms of tooth replacement.

NYU Dentistry is the latest dental establishment to implement surgical robotic devices for implant surgeries. Over 1 million patients receive surgery with robotic assistance per year.

How Yomi Works

Neocis Yomi robotic dentistry involves precise, constant communication between robot and surgeon. The robotic surgery process starts with Yomi’s custom procedure planning software, which helps patients and doctors work together to arrange the surgery. Each plan can be customized and adjusted to fit each patient’s needs.

Robotic dentistry does not concede control to the robot. Instead, the Yomi dental robot receives input from the surgeon during the procedure and directs the surgeon with precision guidance. The surgeon still controls the instruments and tools needed for implant procedures, Precision guidance from Yomi comes in the form of both visual and audio guidance, which freehand surgery generally lacks. Robotic guidance programs can also make adjustments during the procedure, even if they do not adhere to the pre-operation plan. These adjustments can lead to safer, more successful surgeries compared to freehand techniques.

Benefits Of Robotic Dentistry

The efficiency and precision of robotic dental surgery can save patients both time and money. Procedures such as single tooth implants, dual arch surgery, and full-arch surgery can be completed on the same day, dramatically lowering wait times, additional appointments, and overall costs.

Drilling is a crucial part of implant surgery. Freehand surgery carries a risk of drill deviation, or over-drilling past the operating site. These errors can expose and even damage delicate anatomy in close proximity, such as nerves or the sinus cavity. Yomi’s haptic-guided surgery prevents over-drilling, which in turn can prevent unintended, lasting damage to your body.

Yomi software allows maximum visibility of the operating site. Clear, unobstructed views reduce the risk of damage to nearby areas, and allow precise care on the affected area. Yomi is also compatible with any implant system, and its robotic software guides surgeons to the right location to place implants.

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