Computer Guided Dental Implant Surgery Kansas City

X-Guide: Accurate & Precise Dental Implant Placement

Dental implants are often the best solution to restoring smiles that are missing teeth, and recent technological advances have improved the accuracy of implant placement and increased the overall satisfaction of our patients. X-Guide, the newest and most advanced 3D navigational system, allows our dentists to place dental implants with an unsurpassed level of precision and control. Adding this latest form of digital scanning software to our current capabilities at Keith + Associates Dentistry has significantly enhanced the effectiveness of our cone beam 3D imaging.

Computer-guided dental implant surgery is a new and exciting field of dental surgery, and X-Guide is a tool that allows our dentists to see – via a computer screen – into your mouth as they operate. X-Guide scans, navigates, and – similar to a GPS – directs our dentists to exact locations as they plan and perform surgery.

The X-Guide Process

X-Guide is an interactive system which aids our dentists in improving the precision, angle, and depth of each implant placement. Dr. Bill Keith is able to confidently make and use a 3D treatment plan by accessing X-Guide’s live, 360-degree view of drill position and oral anatomy. This cutting edge technology assists in our achieving consistent and desirable results, as it provides our dentists with one dynamic focus point: the screen. There are five simple steps in the process of implementing X-Guide.

  1. The dentist makes an impression on your teeth with an X-Clip.
  2. The X-Clip takes a 3D scan of the particular area in question.
  3. We use the X-Guide software to plan your implant restoration.
  4. A tracking device is placed in your mouth, another is attached to the instrument the dentist will be using during surgery, and both are registered to the X-Guide system.
  5. The dentist performs surgery with the previously created plan and under real-time computer guidance.

The Benefits

X-Guide provides a variety of benefits for our implant surgery patients. This advanced technology:

  • Saves time.
  • Improves accuracy.
  • Provides same-day surgery options.
  • Allows for complete treatment in one location.
  • Requires minimal incisions.
  • Reduces cost.

X-Guide is simply a tool that requires the skill and experience of an expert implant dentist. Combining the latest advances in technology with the expertise of Dr. Bill Keith, we have truly seen an increase in overall patient satisfaction and happy, healthy smiles. Call us today to find out more about X-Guide Keith + Associates Dentistry Phone Number 913-384-0044

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