Fixed Full Arch Bridges (All-On-4™)


Do you currently wear dentures? Are you the path of losing all your teeth? New technological advances have brought forth a solution far superior to traditional dentures. Our doctors have partnered with Nobel Biocare to provide this exciting treatment solution called All-On-4™.

Many of our patients have failing smiles, some by no fault of their own. These individuals are afraid to smile in public, try to avoid laughing around their friends and are shy to kiss their partners. If this sounds like you a fixed full arch bridge might be the solution for you.

Unlike traditional dentures, a fixed bridge is held in place by implants. It’s designed to be easy to clean, but isn’t removable and therefore functions much like your natural teeth. Without the slipping and sliding so many complain about with traditional dentures.

One of the most exciting parts of the All-On-4™ concept is the likelihood that you’ll get your teeth the same day we remove your existing failing teeth.

 In the majority of cases we are able to have your extractions in the morning at the oral surgeon’s office and just a few hours later in our office we will deliver your new smile. This not only saves you the embarrassment of not having teeth, but can actually reduce the cost due to a more efficient process. In the event we aren’t able to place your new teeth the same day, we have a traditional denture waiting so either way you’ll leave with a smile.

As with all healthcare decisions, this is a big choice and requires a big commitment. Give our office a call, or send an email for a free consultation to see if All-On-4™ might be fore you.  

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